दुर्लभं जन्म मानुष्यं दुर्लभा काशिकापुरी।
उभयो: सगंमासाद्य मुक्ता एव न संशय:।।
Oh Goddess! To born as a human is rare and so is the stay at Kashi. If some one gets these two things together, he certainly attains freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.
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This service provides you a unique facility to get the prasad offered in any of the important temples of Kashi. We also offer a customized Box of Prasad of different temples with holy Ganga Jal. [ More Details]
This service provides you a unique facility to perform different kinds of personalized pooja (worship) in any of the ancient temples of Kashi without even coming to Kashi. The prasad (offering) of the pooja will be delivered to your door steps by mail along with the DVD of the pooja. [ More Details]
After the death of a person, his family members can send his ashes for the immersion in the sacred water of Ganga Ji. We provide the service of "Ashes Immersion" in Kashi, Prayag & Haridwar. [ More Details]
Based on ancient Hindu Astrology, It is the most comprehensive and accurate study which can, not only change the course of one's life, but also serve as an indispensable guiding force for rest of his life. [ More Details]
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