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About Us

It has been observed that those who come to visit Varanasi, face a lot of difficulties during their visit. Most of the ancient temples are situated in narrrow streets of densely populated area which remains inaccessible for them. Even if they manage to reach to the temple they remain ignorant about the significance of the temple as even the majority of local public also doesn’t know much about these ancient temples.

Keeping this problem in mind we have established a non-profitable organization called as Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti with an objective to provide the correct worship yatra as described in the hindu mythological text commonly called Puranas.

The Objective:

The objective of Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti, is to promote and protect the pilgrimage journeys of ancient city of Varanasi mentioned in puranic texts and to provide correct information and significance of all the ancient temples of Kashi which are either self-manifested or established by gods & goddesses or by famous vedic saints.

To achieve this objective Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti has done a comprehensive research on the temples of Kashi.  And after completing the research, now we are finally in the position to distinguish the temples of puranic significance from the modern era temples. While doing research we have consulted many historians, writers, mahants of the temples and senior citizens of Varanasi, correlating with ancient and rare mythological text we have compiled the courses of the puranic worship yatra (pilgrimage journeys) of the ancient temples of various Gods & Godesses of Kashi.

Conclusion: We hope that our research will be very much useful to all the hindu pilgrims and the enthusiasts of hindu religion who have the desire to visit and explore the spiritual secrets of mystic Kashi.