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Ancient Temples

Religious Significance of Ancient Temples & Tirthas of Kashi :


The Worship of Omkareshwar provides the pious result of worship of all the Lingas present in this universe. The person, who takes just one holy glimpse of the Omkareshwar, irrespective of the place of his death, gets the same benefic effect of leaving his soul at Kashi and gets a thorough passage to heaven after death and finds freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The famous “Rishis” (Saints) Vamdev, Kapil, Savarnik, Srikanth, Pingal, Aghor and Anshuman had worshipped this Linga and had fused themselves in this linga.

Kashi Kedareshwar

Lord Shankar, self came from Himalaya to Kashi. The holy site of Kedareshwar linga at Kashi give seven times more religious and spiritual grace than that of Himalaya Kedareshwar. There is equivalent representation of all the Tirthas of Himalaya-Kedar near the Kashi Kedareshwar. Just like Gauri kund of Himalaya-Kedar, a Gauri Kund is present in Kashi also. A holy glimpse of Kedareshwar after the bath in Gauri Kund provides freedom from death and rebirth cycle.


It is that very place where Yamraj the son of the God Sun (Surya) established a MahaLinga and worshiped for many million years which pleased Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva declared him the Dharmraj. Lord Mahadev while blessing Yama had said “anyone even after committing thousands sin, if worships and gets a holy glimpse of Dharmeshwar (the Linga established by Yamraj) will get rid of the tortures of Hell after his death”.


Veereshwar is considered as the soul of Mahadev that’s why it is also known as Atma-Veereshwar. The great Vishwanar Rishi worshiped Lord Shiva in front of this Linga and being pleased with his worship, Lord Shiva blessed him a son. To get the issues after marriage this Linga should be worshiped. Amongst all the Lingas, Veereshwar provides the Dharma, Health, Wealth and freedom from death at the earliest time lap as compared to the other Lingas.

The great saints Vedshira, Chandramauli and Bharadwaj had fused in this very enlightened Linga with their whole body and soul.


Budheshwar bless its worshipper with the intellect and removes the ill will of its devotees. Those who worship Budheshwar Mahadev, their thoughts and tendency never get polluted in the ocean of this materialistic world and he never gets misguided. It is said in Brahma Purana too, that all the efforts become successful and the nine planets gets pacified by the worship of Budheshwar Mahadev.


Once Chandra, “The Moon” came to Kashi and established a Linga by the name of Chandreshwar. He worshiped that Linga for many millions years and pleased Lord Shiva appeared infront of him and declared him the King of Seeds, Medicines, Water and Brahmins.


This Linga was established by the great Durvasa Rishi. The worship of this Linga fulfills all the desires of its worshippers. The holy glimpse and worships of Kaameshwar Linga destroys the sexually committed sins and provides immunity from the torture of Yamaraj after the death to its worshippers.


The son of the God Sun, Shani Dev had done very hard worship of Lord Mahadev by establishing a Shivlinga in Varanasi. By the grace of Mahadev, Shani Dev received Shanilok and the status of planet. By the worship of Shanaishchareshwar Linga, established in Kashi the worshippers never get the malefic effect of saturn in their life and they find a place in the Shanilok after death.


Those who worship the Sukreshwar linga get all round attainment of the divine, spiritual strength and become plentiful of siemen, manliness and good luck. They will be free from all hurdles in their life and at last after the death will reside in the “Shukra Loka”.

Kaal Bhairav

After being insulted by the fifth head of Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva filled with anger appeared Kaal Bhairav from his body who at once decimated the fifth head of Brahma by the tip of his nails. Just a holy glimpse of the deity Bhairav of Varanasi makes people free from fear and all sins of life. The worship of Bhairav removes the illness, evil deeds and provides health, wealth and peace to the devotees. People come with their children to get rid of the evil eyes, totemism and evil spirit by taking Kajal, Bhabhoot and Black Thread in form of his Blessing.

Manikarnika Tirth

At the beginning of Satyug when there was no existence of Ganga on this earth, the Chakra Pushkarni Tirtha used to exist even before that.

Chakra Pushkarni Tirtha, which is now known as Manikarnika Tirtha and where the appearance and origin of Vishnu has taken place and where he had done the hard worship for fifty thousand years. On that very place the feet of Vishnu are worshipped, at the present time also. This Chakra Pushkarni is unerodable.

At the Manikarnika Tirtha of Kashi, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva together with their open hand bless Moksha to those who die in Kashi.


This Linga was established by Lord Vishnu himself at the door of the inner sanctum. It is believed that those people who worship this unique Linga of Manikarnikeshwar after taking bath at the Manikarnika Tirtha never goes back to any womb again for rebirth i.e., he attains complete liberation from the eternal cycle of birth-death and rebirth.


Lord Shiva himself established his own statue in the form of a Linga at a very secret place in Kashi. Without even telling Brahma & Vishnu, he established this Linga for the protection of Kashi and its inhabitants. Prior to this no Linga was established anywhere and no one had any concept of size and shape of Lingas.

Pishach Mochan Tirth

Those who have always done the malefic deeds and lived an indisciplined life, and have died before completing their full span of life, find suspension in the state of evil spirit. And for their freedom from this suspension from this suspended state it is necessary to perform the Pind Daan & Pind Shraddh at Pishach Mochan in front of Kapardeeshwar. Those who take holy glimpse of the Kapardeeshwar linga after taking bath in the Pishach Mochan Tirth, his forefathers find a thorough way to heaven. Those who are under the influence and attack of evil spirits for them there is a provision of the performance of Tripindi shraddh for their release, here in Pishach Mochan Tirth.


Those who worship God Kapardeeshwar never go to hell and never gets suspended in the state of evil spirit even if, he commits heinous sin.

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