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Religious Facts

Some Religious Facts About Kashi

  • Lord Ganesh by forming 56 configurations in seven circles protects Kashi.
  • The “Record Book” of the good and evil deeds of the people of Kashi are not kept by Chitragupta and Yamdoots (Representatives of Yamraj: God of Death) do not enter in Kashi, either.
  • In Kashi, the punishment code of Kaal Bhairav prevails, The torture of Bhairav is 32 times more furious than that of Yamraj.
  • At the time of death of the inhabitants of Kashi, God Dandpani decorates the souls of the deceased and present them to Lord Shiva for Tarak Mantropdesh (The Mantra of liberation).
  • In Kashi, the Ganga becomes “Uttar Vahini” and flows towards the north direction from where it is originated which is very very auspicious.
  • The Kashi is among one of the 51 “Shakti Peethas” of Goddess Sati. Here in Kashi the eyes of Goddess Sati had fallen at the place where the Vishalakshi Temple is situated.
  • The Supreme Goddess of Kashi is Mata Annapurna, who is obliged to provide food and shelter to the inhabitants of Kashi.
  • Those who complete the Shri Kashi Panchkroshi yatra even once in his life, never go again to the 84 lakhs (8.4 millions) yonis, they attain moksha after death.