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Chairity Works Done between Dec 15 to Feb 15

Special Case: 1
On Dec 13, 2009, We found a bull in a terrible condition opposite Sigra police station, he was shaking his head every now and then to avoid blood and flees on his face. His horn was stinking horribly and gave the clear indication that he was carrying his head injury atleast from 7 to 10 days, and not a single soul bothered to spare even a second for the animal in  hapless condition. The irony is that there are two big nursing homes in the same vicinity but not a single doctor thought or took the initiative to provide the medical attention to this bull.
Anyway, by the grace of god, this bull’s wound is getting heeled, and the progress so far, is 80%. We are applying ointment on his horn on every alternate day.

Have a look at the pictures prior to the medical care and after the medical care.


Now, see the speedy recovery, after we gave him medical treatment…


The latest condition (his horn is also getting stronger)….
We are applying Betadine ointment and Anti Bacterical Spray from time to time.


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