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Dear Friends,

After a very long and strenuous effort, we are exhilarated to set up and commence the functioning of an organization dedicated to the welfare of stray animals and deprived elderly people of Varanasi.

And through this inaugural editorial, I would like to announce that if everything goes according to our plans, we would be offering the first Helpline number to facilitate the rescue of injured stray animals of Varanasi. In the meanwhile, we are still attending injured stray animals within our limited capacity.

At present, SHRI KASHI DARSHAN SEVA SAMITI is providing medical facilities to almost 12 to 15 stray animals in the Varanasi city without taking any financial aid from outside the organization. But to continue the welfare of helpless & injured animals at the required level, we need compassionate people like you, to join our hands and turn it into a decisive movement for the welfare of all the creatures in distress….!!!

I, here by, with this very first editorial, appeal to all the citizens of Varanasi, and to the people who love this holy city, to help by being proactive whenever coming across an animal in distress or trauma, and not just watch and feel pity.

Remember! Your small contribution can bring to someone, his life back!

Write to us how you felt about the effort of the organization: admin@shrikashidarshan.org

Will update you all regularly about the work done.


Your’s Faithfully

Rajesh Chaurasia

(General Secretary)