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1. I want to offer worship in temple of my choice but I don’t have credit card to make payments.

Ans. There are many options available for payments, you can choose any of them.

2. What are the payment options available for the residents of India?

Ans. To know the payment options available for the residents of India click here: Payment Option.

3. Is payment through credit card is safe and secured.

Ans. We assure you that the information of credit card will be kept safe by us. For this we take the services of PayPal & CC NOW which are the world’s most trusted organizations for handling/managing Online Payments.

4. What is the proof that worship was performed after the payment?

Ans. The photographs & video (where it is permitted) will  be send to you after the worship.

5. I want to offer worship at certain date and time whether it is possible?

Ans. Yes, it is possible but for this we need to be informed atleast 5 days before the desired date of worship.

6. When will I receive the Prasad of my worhip?

Ans. We dispatch the Prasad on the very next day of the worship.

7. What are the information which are  required for the request of offering a worship?

Ans. After the formal registration, we need the information about the Name, Date of Birth, Gotra (Clan), Astrological Sign, Address, Father’s Name, Purpose of Worship and the name of the temple selected for worship.