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Kashi Vishwanath


Shri Kashi Vishwanath is also known as Lord Vishweshwar in Puranas. Kashi Vishwanath temple is the most important temple among all the twelve Jyotirlingas. As per the Kashi Khand of Skanda Puran, the temple was constructed by God Vishwakarma and even “Ravana” (Lord Shankar’s biggest devotee) contributed in its construction by sending gold from his kingdom Lanka. Temple at its current form was constructed by Maharani Ahilya Bai of Indore in 1773.

According to Kashi Khand (Chapter 99), after the construction of the palace of Lord Vishwanath (Kashi Vishwanath temple), when Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati entered in it, at that time all Gods and Goddess appeared to honour Lord Shiva. On this occasion Lord Shiva, stating the glory of the Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirlinga said…

“All the self manifested Lingas of the universe come here to take the holy glimpse of this Linga, though I reside in all the Lingas but this Linga is my best statue”.

“This Linga, if offered a sacred bath of holy water of river Ganga and worshiped with devotion, the worshiper is blessed with all types of Health, Wealth and happiness and gets freedom from the eternal cycle of rebirth and
any food offered to this Linga provides a stay at Kailash Parvat with me to the number of Yugas equivalent to the number of particles offered in the Bhog Food”.

“By touching the Vishweshwar Ling and praying, the devotee gets free from all sins accumulated over past two generations.”

“A devotee who, with pure devotion, pours holy water on the Linga and offers just one flower to Lord Vishweshwar, gets the blessings equivalent to performing a pooja with hundreds of Golden Flowers.”