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To minimize the suffering of elderly citizens who may find themselves in miserable, estranged and helpless conditions.

To make available food, clothes, and other medical necessities to the people living in the old age homes of the city, throughout the year.

Offer complete humanitarian support to any stray animals that may need our help.

To eradicate rabies, and control the local stray-animal population in a humane & scientific way.

To help eliminate illegal trading of all prohibited birds & animals.

To shut all the illegal slaughter or butcher houses of the city.

To promote awareness among the public of the benefits of a vegetarian diet to themselves, the animals, and the welfare of the planet as a whole.

To encourage people toward the ethical treatment of animals & estranged citizens.



How you can help:

1. Spot injured animals, call us immediately.

2. Make once-a-month donation.

An injured animal is given medical care every alternate day till it is completely healed (in some cases, about 60 days). Medical & food expense comes to about Rs. 750/- per month on a single animal (this covers on-sight evaluation, medicine, first-aid treatment, food, medical attendee’s fee & fuel expense). You can donate through personal check payable to: SHRI KASHI DARSHAN SEVA SAMITI, or in cash).

3. Donate food items such as milk powder, broken wheat (dalia), rice, soya chunks, biscuits (preferably Marie biscuits), and medicines (call us for list).

4. Fund-raising events:-

  • In publication of awareness materials for the welfare of the elderly and stray animals.
  • By sponsoring our medical camps for vaccination of stray dogs against rabies in your locality.
  • By introducing us to your social circle and thereby encouraging & inspiring as many people as possible to join us for the welfare of the elderly and stray animals.

5. Become a member.

6. Pledge to volunteer a couple of hours every week for the welfare of less fortunate living beings.