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Dash Maha Vidhya Darshan Yatra

Yatra Significance

{Ten Maha Vidhya Darshan Yatra}

काली, तारा, महाविद्या, षोडशी, भुवनेश्वरी, भैरवी, छिन्नमस्ता च विद्याभूमावति तथा बंगला सिद्ध विद्या प्रकीर्तिता:।
शक्तिसंगम तंत्र तारा खण्डनुसारेण–सता: दश महाविद्या पदेनाभिधीयंते।।

As per the Tara Khand (A chapter of Shakti-Sangam Tantra) these are Ten Maha Vidhyas which are known as Kali, Tara, Shodashi Bhuneshwari, Bhairavi, Chhinnamasta, Vidyabhubhati and Bagla).

The Benefits of Yatra :- The worship and holy glimpse of these ten Mahavidhya, the people can achieve the unachievable goals and all type of illness, problems and hurdles of life gets pacified. On the successful completion of this yatra all the enemies are destroyed and all the desires get fulfilled.

Mahakali :- The Mahakali appears in front of its worshippers, standing on a dead body similar to kajjal mountain garlanded with the decimated heads bearing sword in her one hand, a three headed spear in her second and a decimated head in her third hand. This Goddess Mahakali is the eternal image of a great destroyer of enemies, terminator of Mahishasur and Raktbeej, Mahakali made the Devtas (Dieties) win in the war with Danavas (Evils). The great destroyer of evils, Mahakali, not only decimates the Raktbeejmakes its worshipper strong and capable by providing enormous strength and power. To attain the siddhis of Mahakali its Mantra (hymns) should be chanted by its worshippers. but also

v Taradevi :- Etymologically in Hindi, Tara means the one who pulls out from difficult circumstances, hence, Taradevi removes all the problems and hurdles of life of its worshipers and make them free from all the difficulties of this world. The appearance of this Mahavidya is with four arms with snakes coiled on them the Devi is seen to be laughing standing on dead body. First Mahavidhya Mahakali has her prominence from Midnight to sun rise, while from sunrise to midnight that the second Mahavidhya Taradevi become prominent and significant. The Mahakali is the superpower of Dark night of the world where as Tara Devi is the superpower of Deity Sun of the solar system of the universe.

v Tripur Sundari/Shodashi :- Tripur Sundari is also known as Raj Rajeshwari Devi. Tripur Sundari has many forms of appearances e.g.: Siddhi Bhairavi, Rudra Bhairavi, Kameshwari, The Tripur Sundari eliminates the grief of its worshippers. Maa Tripur Sundari is worshipped in both Cool and Aggressive appearances. Its worship provides sexual and physical pleasure and fortune in life. It is also worshipped for allurement and to get a healthy life free from all illness. Offerings of lotus in the fire with chants of the mantras of Tripur Sundari provides wealth and affluence, desires get fulfilled and the worshippers get rid from all sort of grieves and get honour and respect every where.

v Bhuvneshwari :- The Super power Bhuvneshwari is the companion of Lord Shiva in all its luxury, enjoyment and pleasure of life. The appearance of Maa Bhuvneshwari is decent and the body is shinning with divine reddish light, to provide fearlessness and supernatural eternal energy and power to its worshippers and devotees is the natural quality of this Goddess Bhuvneshwari. The worship of this Mahavidya fills its worshipper with divine light and aura like Sun, It gives all types of energies and the worshiper can become the king of the world. Its devoted worship make the wealth and happiness rain in the life. All the forms of supernatural eternal energy touch the feet of this Goddess Bhuvneshwari.

v Chinna Masta :- Creation and Destruction is the natural cyclic event of the universe. Whenever the creation is less and the destruction becomes more Chinna Masta gets significant and prominent. This form of Mahavidya is highly mysterious. The worship of Chhinna Masta in the fourth epoch of the evening i.e., between 7 to 8 p.m. results on the eternal blessing of Maa Saraswati. The Godess signifying the black (Totem) and blood (eliminating and destroying tendency) are the companion of Cinna Masta Devi. The eternal blessing of the Devi is attained by the worship with leaves of Palas and Bale. The blessing attained through this Goddess enhances the literal and poetic capability and skill of its worshipper, Body gets freedom from all sort of illnesses, enemies are destroyed and the person gets fame in the field of yoga, meditation and religious debates.

v Tripur Bhairavi :- Chhinnamasta is the destroyer & terminator and Tripur Bhairavi is the super destroyer and super terminator. Chhinnamasta corresponds to destruction of a section where as Tripur Bhairavi destroys and transform the elements and matters of the universe through its deforming actions. Tripur Bhairavi is the superpower of Bhairav.

v Ghumavati :- This Devi is being called in the “Sutra” in the Ratrisukta of Rigveda, which means pulling out some one from unwanted, tough and difficult circumstances. It is also called the mother of removing crisis and difficult situation. Maa Ghumavati is an autonomous superpower.To attain the eternal blessing of this Devi, Til mixed with Ghee is offered in the sacred fire of worship. To get the eternal blessing of this Mahavidya, the worshipper should be free from all ill habits like anger, greed & vanity and should be honest, self controlled and self disciplined. Being pleased by the worship, this Devi appears in form of a pig and destroys all the illness, sickness, misfortune and finishes the enemies of its worshipper. The worshipper becomes almighty, eternally blessed and gets great name and fame everywhere.

v Baglamukhi :- Baglamukhi is the power of the destruction of the Almighty God. It defeats the enemies through intellect and tact. This Mahavidya is worshipped to get the freedom from the fear of the enemies. The worshipper achieves the eternal blessing of its voice. Amongst all the ten Mahavidyas, Baglamukhi is the most highly used Mahavidya. The Seven Rishis of Vedic period (Sapt Rishi) have done the worship of this Devi, time to time. The worship of Baglamukhi facilitates the destruction of the enemies of the worshipper through their on suicidal and self destroying acts and thoughts and the worshipper wins the fear and become famous and popular in the life. The Mantras of Baglamukhi should be chanted on the Pitambara Peeth.

v Matangi :- Matang is the name of Lord Shiva, and Matangi is the power of Lord Shiva. It appears with dark complexion and has moon on its forehead. It is the complete image of Vag Devi (Saraswati). Its four arms represent four Vedas and it is Saraswati of Vedic people. The worship of Maa Matangi with flowers of Palas and leaves of Bale overloads the worshipper with attraction and makes him capable to allure the entire world with his charm. The person who gets the eternal blessing of this Devi rules the world of music and art. This Mahavidya is also used to charm and allure anyone.

v Kamala :- Kamala glitters like gold, the Kamala devi appears with a fair complexion, sitting on a lotus, holding lotus in her hand and with four white elephants showering water with golden pots on her. This image is the icon of affluence and this Devi is worshipped to attain long lasting stable wealth and affluence, it is also worshipped to win the desired women and to get the blessing of for birth son. Like this the ten eternal super mothers are the symbol of velocity, expansion, food & nutrition, life & death, materialistic bonds and freedom from the cycle of birth, death & rebirth. This Mahavidya is worshipped by standing immersed up to neck in water falling in river, pond or sea. The worship of this Devi makes the worshipper rich like Kuber (The God of Wealth) and makes him a great scholar. The worship of this Goddess spreads fame, business and prominence in the entire world.

Tour Period: 3 Days & 2 Nights

Day 1:

After arriving at the airport or railway station, check in to the hotel’s room. Have lunch and some rest there. And in the evening, First pilgrims will be taken to one of the ghat of river Ganga where they will sit peacefully to hear the story & significance of Kashi by a learned Brahmin priest. After that pilgrims will see the majestic Ganga Arti at the main ghat of Varanasi. And in the end, while roaming through the famous main streets and lanes of Dashaswamedh & Vishwanath Gali, return to their hotel for the night stay and the dinner.

Day 2:

In the early morning, pilgrims will see the famous Sunrise of Varanasi at the riverside along with the Ganga Aarti View, Bathing and Boat tour of the historical ghats of ancient Kashi. And then, after taking the “Sankalp” (oath) by “Purohit” (Priest) for the completion of Pilgrimage Journey of Dash Maha Vidhya Darshan-Yatra, the yatra will begin.

In approximately 4 to 5 hours, the yatra will come to its end and then pilgrims will visit the Kashi Vishwanath & Mata Annapoorna Temple for darshan & worship. After which, they will have a lunch break and after that pilgrims will see some other temples of puranic significance along with important places.

After Lunch break, Pilgrims will see…

Ram Nagar Fort, B.H.U. Museum, New Vishwanath Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Tri Dev Temple, Durga Temple & Tulsi Manas Temple

Now, pilgrims will be taken to a less busy yet spiritually very energetic & enchanting ghat of Kashi, which is situated at the southern end of ancient Varanasi called Assi. Roam around from one ghat to another and feel the utter silence and antiquity of mystic Kashi along with the Night Ganga Aarti of Assi ghat.

In the end, by showing the gratitude towards Vishwanath ji, Annapoorna ji, Ganga ji & Bhairav ji for allowing you to visit Kashi, offer a “Diya” (earthen lamp) in the peacefully flowing holy water of river Ganga.

Tour Ends.

Return to the Hotel & have dinner.

Day 3:

Have breakfast, collect your luggage and return to the railway station or airport.

Note1: Pilgrims on taking one to two extra days can visit the following places:

Vishalakshi Devi, Sankata Mata, Lalita Devi, Sheetla Devi, Lakshmi Mata, Kali Ji, Lolarkaditya, Dandpaani, Bindu Madhav, Chandreshwar, Kedareshwar, Dharmeshawar, Kaal Bhairav, Bhoot Bhairav, Batuk Bhairav, Kamakhya Devi, Aatmvireshvar, Manikarnikeshwar, Bada Ganesh, Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh, Dundi Raj Ganesh, Dand Paani Ganesh, Gopal Mandir, Parshvanath’s Birth place, Panch Ganga Ghat, Shri Math, Baba Telang Swami Ashram, Tulsi Ghat, Bharat Mata Mandir, Kritivaseshwar, Mrityunjay Mahadev, Mahakaleshvar, Vridhakaleshwar, Nagkunwa, Jaageshvar, Aadi Keshav & Sarnath

Note 2:
• The whole yatra would be conducted by air-conditioned vehicles where the vehicle can enter.
• Our yatra representative will be with the pilgrims at all times.
• Flower-garlands would be available with the representatives on the need of pilgrims.
• With all the yatras, the darshan of Kashi Vishwanath and Mata Annapurna is also included.
• All the pilgrimages will start & end with the taking of oath by the priest.

Note 3: The venue of religious preaching of the story & significance of Kashi will be altered from the ghat to the temple with in the vicinity of organization’s building during the harsh weather condition.

Note 4: While performing Dash Maha Vidhya Darshan-Yatra, pilgrims can also perform Dash Maha Vidhya Poojan and Baglamukhi Jap.

Our Plus Points = Your Benefits

ü We Know This City Better Than Others

ü We Offer Unmatched Hospitality With Excellent Service

ü Flexibility of Making Changes in the Itinerary as per Your Need

ü We Value You as Our “Guest” and Not just as a “Customer”


The services provided by the organization to the pilgrims

1. We have designed various “Kashi Darshan” yatra packages for the pilgrims at a very justified cost without any profit making objective.

2. Every yatra begins & ends with taking “Sankalp” (Statement of Intent) by a learned Brahmin priest of Kashi.

3. To avoid and minimize the language problem of the hindu pilgrims and even the foreign tourists who come from different parts of the world, we make available our specialized yatra representatives and priests in all the Indian regional & international languages.

4. We make our representatives available to the pilgrims from their arrival to departure.

5. We also take care of the food habits of the pilgrims and make the food of their choice available for them.

6. The stay of the pilgrims are arranged in the pilgrim houses of their own regions and communities as well as in any class of hotels of their choice.

7. Pilgrims will be provided full religious and historical references of each and every temples and important places.

8. During the yatra, pilgrims will be explained of all the “16 Sanskar” the rituals performed throughout the life span of hindus.

9. The whole tour would be conducted through air-conditioned vehicles where the vehicle can enter.

10. In order to meet the objective of the organization, all the facilities provided are of high standards but at the lowest price as compared to their market equivalents.


Tour Period: 3 Days & 2 Nights

Rs. 900/- (or 25 USD) per Person

• Boat Tour
• Morning & Evening Ganga Aarti
• Daily Breakfast
• Sankalp & Katha
• Sightseeing by Luxury AC vehicle
• A Yatra Representative during the whole Tour
• Meet & assist services on arrival & departure
• All applicable taxes & service charges
• All parking, road taxes and driver allowances

• Entrance fees to the monuments & museums
• Any claim due to natural calamities, local disturbance, etc.
• Any hotel room accommodation
• What not mentioned in “Inclusive”

• Offer price is based on best value for travel experience.
• Offer price is subject to availability of organization’s resources.
• Prices are subject to change either way prior to notice.
• Complete package cost must be paid in advance.
• In case of cancellation, 25% of booking money will be deducted.
• Subject of terms and conditions as applied by the organization.
• For more affordable tailor-made yatra package, share us your requirement.

Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti is a religious & charitable organization and the money which we get, either by organizing or conducting these pilgrimage journeys or by offering other religious services or even by donation, all spent in the welfare activities of the organization.

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