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Dwadesh Aditya Darshan Yatra

Yatra Significance

{Twelve Aditya Darshan Yatra}

इति काशी प्रभावज्ञो जगच्चक्षुस्तमोनुद:।
कृत्वा द्वादशाधात्मनं काशीपुर्यां व्यवस्थित:।।
लोलार्क उत्तरार्कश्च साम्बादित्यस्तथैव च।
चतुर्थो द्रुपदादित्यो मयूखादित्य एव च।।
खखोल्कश्वारुणादित्यो वृद्धकेशवसंज्ञकौ।
दशमो विमलादित्यो गंगादित्यस्तथेव च।।
द्वादशश्च यमादित्य: काशीपुर्या घटोद्भव।
तमोऽधिकेभ्यो दुष्टेभ्य: क्षेत्रं रक्षन्त्यमी सदा।।

Due to the blessing given to Divodas* by Lord Brahma ji and to Mandarachal Mountain by himself, Lord Shiva had to leave Kashi to stay at Mandarachal Mountain, for a period of time.

*For the Story of blessing given to Divodas and his renouncement from the Kingship, click here.

During his stay at Mandarachal Mountain, once, Lord Shiva became very anxious about his beloved Kashi and sent the Sixty four Yoginis to know the where about of Kashi and to motivate the King Divodas to renounce the kingship of Kashi. But when none of the Yoginis returned to Mandarachal Mountain, this made Lord Shiva more anxious and he ordered Surya Dev (The Deity Sun) to do the same.

The Surya Dev reached Kashi and tried all his best to trace out a single fault in the regime of King Divodas. But all his efforts went in vain. Due to the frustration of failure in the compliance of the order of the “Lord of the Lords” Lord Shankar and being allured by the charm of Kashi, Surya Dev established himself in Kashi in twelve places expressing himself in twelve different forms.

-An English translation of the excerpt from Skanda Purana

Benefits of the Yatra
Pilgrims who completes the Dwadash Aditya Darshan-Yatra, the vision of their eyes get improves; their skin diseases get cured and issueless couples soon get the happiness of parenthood.

Names of Twelve forms of God Sun :-
First- Lolark
Second- Uttarark
Third- Sambaditya
Fourth- Draupdaditya
Fifth- Mayukhaditya
Sixth- Khakholkaditya
Seventh- Arunaditya
Eighth- Budhaditya
Ninth- Keshwaditya
Tenth- Vimladitya
Eleventh- Gangaditya
Twelfth- Yamaditya

Tour Period: 4 Days & 3Nights

Day 1:

After arriving at the airport or railway station, check in to the hotel’s room. Have lunch and some rest there. And in the evening, First pilgrims will be taken to one of the ghat of river Ganga where they will sit peacefully to hear the story & significance of Kashi by a learned Brahmin priest. After that pilgrims will see the majestic Ganga Arti at the main ghat of Varanasi. And in the end, while roaming through the famous main streets and lanes of Dashaswamedh & Vishwanath Gali, pilgrims will return to their hotel for the night stay and the dinner.

Day 2:

In the early morning, pilgrims will see the famous Sunrise of Varanasi at the riverside along with the Ganga Aarti View, Bathing and Boat tour of the historical ghats of ancient Kashi. And then, after taking the “Sankalp” (oath) by “Purohit” (Priest) for the completion of Pilgrimage Journey of Dwadash Aditya Darshan-Yatra, the yatra will begin.

The yatra is divided into two parts (two days) where on the first day, pilgrims will visit and worship seven out of twelve Sun temples which will take approximately 3 to 4 hrs. Then, pilgrims will have the lunch break.

After Lunch break, Pilgrims will travel to the SARNATH where 2500 years ago, after getting enlightenment at Bodh Gaya, Gautam Buddha came and delivered his first sermon. The sermon that he gave here to his five followers, led to the foundation of Buddhism that has today spread across the world. This first sermon was called “Dharmachakra Pravartana” or Turning of the Wheel of Law. The Places which pilgrims will visit in Sarnath are:-

Sarnath Museum, Ashoka Pillar, Mulagandhakuti Vihar, Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamekh Stupa, Dharmrajika Stupa, Bodhi Tree, The Deer park, The Jain temple, Japanese Temple, Chinese temple, Tibetan temple, Thai Temple & Saarang Nath temple

Back to the hotel for the night stay and the dinner.

Day 3:

The remaining and final part of Pilgrimage Journey of Dwadash Aditya Darshan-Yatra will begin in the morning.

Here again, in approximately 3 to 4 hours, the yatra will come to its end and after the Lunch break pilgrims will see some other temples of puranic significance including Kashi Vishwanath Temple & Mata Annapoorna Temple along with important places.

After Lunch break, Pilgrims will see…

Ram Nagar Fort, B.H.U. Museum, New Vishwanath Temple, Sankat Mochan Temple, Tri Dev Temple, Durga Temple & Tulsi Manas Temple

Now, pilgrims will be taken to a less busy yet spiritually very energetic & enchanting ghat of Kashi, which is situated at the southern end of ancient Varanasi called Assi. Roam around from one ghat to another and feel the eternal silence and antiquity of mystic Kashi along with the Night Ganga Aarti of Assi ghat.

In the end, by showing the gratitude towards Vishwanath ji, Annapoorna ji, Ganga ji & Bhairav ji for allowing you to visit Kashi, offer a “Diya” (earthen lamp) in the peacefully flowing holy water of river Ganga and return back to the hotel for night stay & dinner.

Tour Ends.

Day 4:

Have breakfast, collect your luggage and return to the railway station or airport.

Note 1: Pilgrims on taking one to two extra days can visit the following places:

Vishalakshi Devi, Sankata Mata, Lalita Devi, Sheetla Devi, Lakshmi Mata, Kali Ji, Lolarkaditya, Dandpaani, Bindu Madhav, Chandreshvar, Kedareshvar, Dharmeshavar, Aatmvireshvar, Manikarnikeshvar, Kritivaseshwar, Mrityunjay Mahadev, Mahakaleshvar, Vridhakaleshwar, Kamakhya Devi ,Kaal Bhairav, Bhoot Bhairav, Batuk Bhairav, Bada Ganesh, Sakshi Vinayak, Dundi Raj Ganesh, Dandpani Ganesh, Gopal Mandir, Panch Ganga Ghat, Shri Math, Baba Telang Swami Ashram, Tulsi Ghat, Bharat Mata Mandir, Mrityunjay Mahadev, Mahakaleshwar, Vridhakaleshwar, Nagkuwa, Jaageshvar, Aadi Keshav

Note 2:
• The whole yatra would be conducted by air-conditioned vehicles where the vehicle can enter.
• Our yatra representative will be with the pilgrims at all times.
• Flower-garlands would be available with the representatives on the need of pilgrims.
• With all the yatras, the darshan of Kashi Vishwanath and Mata Annapurna is also included.
• All the pilgrimages will start & end with the taking of oath by the priest.

Note 3: The venue of religious preaching of the story & significance of Kashi will be altered from the ghat to the temple with in the vicinity of organization’s building during the harsh weather condition.

Note 4: While performing Dwadash Aditya Darshan-Yatra, pilgrims can also perform Aditya Hriday Stotra and Dwadash Aditya Poojan to improve and regain the vision of their eyes.

Our Plus Points = Your Benefits

ü We Know This City Better Than Others

ü We Offer Unmatched Hospitality With Excellent Service

ü Flexibility of Making Changes in the Itinerary as per Your Need

ü We Value You as Our “Guest” and Not just as a “Customer”


The services provided by the organization to the pilgrims

1. We have designed various “Kashi Darshan” yatra packages for the pilgrims at a very justified cost without any profit making objective.

2. Every yatra begins & ends with taking “Sankalp” (Statement of Intent) by a learned Brahmin priest of Kashi.

3. To avoid and minimize the language problem of the hindu pilgrims and even the foreign tourists who come from different parts of the world, we make available our specialized yatra representatives and priests in all the Indian regional & international languages.

4. We make our representatives available to the pilgrims from their arrival to departure.

5. We also take care of the food habits of the pilgrims and make the food of their choice available for them.

6. The stay of the pilgrims are arranged in the pilgrim houses of their own regions and communities as well as in any class of hotels of their choice.

7. Pilgrims will be provided full religious and historical references of each and every temples and important places.

8. During the yatra, pilgrims will be explained of all the “16 Sanskar” the rituals performed throughout the life span of hindus.

9. The whole tour would be conducted through air-conditioned vehicles where the vehicle can enter.

10. In order to meet the objective of the organization, all the facilities provided are of high standards but at the lowest price as compared to their market equivalents.


Tour Period: 4 Days & 3 Nights

Rs. 1600/- (or 50 USD) per Person

• Boat Tour
• Morning & Evening Ganga Aarti
• Daily Breakfast
• Sankalp & Katha
• Sightseeing by Luxury AC vehicle
• A Yatra Representative during the whole Tour
• Meet & assist services on arrival & departure
• All applicable taxes & service charges
• All parking, road taxes and driver allowances

• Entrance fees to the monuments & museums
• Any claim due to natural calamities, local disturbance, etc.
• Any hotel room accommodation
• What not mentioned in “Inclusive”

• Offer price is based on best value for travel experience.
• Offer price is subject to availability of organization’s resources.
• Prices are subject to change either way prior to notice.
• Complete package cost must be paid in advance.
• In case of cancellation, 25% of booking money will be deducted.
• Subject of terms and conditions as applied by the organization.
• For more affordable tailor-made yatra package, share us your requirement.

Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti is a religious & charitable organization and the money which we get, either by organizing or conducting these pilgrimage journeys or by offering other religious services or even by donation, all spent in the welfare activities of the organization.

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