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Ashes Immersion Seva

After the death of a person, if any of his love ones wishes to immerse the ashes of deceased person into the holy water of sacred river Ganga, for that purpose they can contact our organization.

Need of Ashes Immersion
According to Hindu religion, after the cremation of deceased person the ashes should be immersed in the holy water of sacred river Ganga. After the immersion of ashes, all the sins done during the life time of the deceased person gets drowned in the river Ganga and his soul become pacified and therefore also gets entitled to go into the heaven.  And that’s why heavenly river Ganga is also called “Swarg-Tarangini” (River of heaven) & “Mokshadayini” (Provider of Salvation).

Our Procedure:
We provide the service of the “Ashes Immersion” ritual of the deceased by “Karmkandi” learned Brahmins of Kashi for the complete funeral ritual. We provide this service in Kashi, Prayag (Allahabad)  & Haridwar. After the immersion, we send you the DVD video of the whole ashes immersion process through email or by post, as per your choice.

Ashes Immersion Seva Cost

1. In Varanasi                                                      = Rs. 2000/-

2. In Varanasi & Prayag (Allahabad)                  = Rs. 5000/-

3. In Varanasi, Prayag & Haridwar                     = Rs. 9000/-

Ashes Immersion Seva Cost with “Live View”

1. In Varanasi                                                       = Rs. 3000/-

2. In Varanasi & Prayag (Allahabad)                  = Rs. 6500/-

3. In Varanasi, Prayag & Haridwar                     = Rs. 11,500/-

“Live View” :-
In this additional “Live View” service, our clients will get the special privilege to watch the ashes immersion process direct from the ashes immersion site to their home, in real time, through MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk or Skype messengers. We will inform the dates and time of immersion rite to them through email, sms and by phone. NOTE: DVD video of the ashes immersion process is also attached with “Live View” facility.

Please send ashes in three pouch if you wish to immerse it in all three sacred cities.

To avail this service, click here: Ashes Immersion Service Form