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Registered under the “Society Registration Act 1860” of Government of India, SHRI KASHI DARSHAN SEVA SAMITI is a religious & charitable organization based in Varanasi, INDIA. Funds are generated by organizing and conducting pilgrimage tours, by offering other religious services and by direct donation.  All money collected is spent entirely on the welfare activities of the organization, which are primarily twofold. Beneficiaries of the charity are the elderly in crisis and all animals in need.

1. Welfare for the Old Age Homes:-

At the last phase of life many old people come to Kashi in search of Moksha (freedom from the cycle of death and re-birth). Some of them come to Kashi at their own will while some of them are brought by their family members to get rid of their responsibility of serving them in their old age. While many unfortunate people are being disowned by the young generations of their family, also prefer to come to Kashi considering its religious significance. These unfortunate old people who are unable to afford the cost of the paid old age homes find no way other than to halt at places like railway stations, foot paths and stairs of Ghats of river Ganga.

There are approximately more than a dozen of old age homes in Varanasi. These old age homes are unable to discharge their duties and obligations due to shortage of funds. Consequently, the old people residing in these old age homes face a lot of problems.
About 70% of the old women residing in the old age homes have age averaging 80 years while 20% of them are above 100 years old. Even at this age, due to poor financial condition of the old age homes, they are compelled to do the physical works like washing of clothes, utensils and cooking for themselves. The management of these old age homes, alone can’t be held responsible for its today’s pathetic condition. The government’s negligence and common people’s carelessness has made the matter worst.

Our organization is determined to make foods, clothes, and other medical facilities available for these old age homes from time to time, through out the year.

2. Welfare for Stray Animals:-
On the roads of Varanasi one can very easily find the bulls wandering here and there. “Nandi” being the ride of Lord Shiva, makes all the bulls and oxes of Kashi very sacred and worshipable. But the numbers of motor vehicles have also risen to such an extent that they very often get seriously injured and ultimately die, due to lack of medical attention in time.
People throw away there excess foods filled inside the polythene bags, are also goes directly inside the stomach of these stray animals. Most of the stray dogs die due to skin related diseases. Some of them get injured by the vehicles, too. After their mating season, population of stray dogs increases very quickly. The time has come to control the population of stray animals in the city. At the moment we are only providing medical care to the injured animals and building small water tanks on the road side but in the very near future we will also operate Animal Birth Control (ABC) program in the city, too, as soon as we have adequate funds.

3. Restoration of Ancient Temples:-

If the temples described in Puranas are not revived in the knowledge and faith of the people, these temples may be encroached and annexed by people of the neighbourhood of the temple. Infact, there are many temples which are being tried to be encroached and some of them has already been encroached because of its dilapidated conditions.

Restoration of the temples of puranic importance is also one of the major objectives of Shri Kashi Darsha Seva Samiti.

NOTE:- All the above mentioned objectives are met by the help received in the form of donation by the public through our sub committee “Human & Animal Welfare Cell”. The information regarding the activities carried out by our sub-committee is published regularly and promptly on the website of the organization. To become the honorable member of Human & Animal Welfare Cell of Shri Kashi Darshan Seva Samiti, you all are open heartedly invited.